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Annular Eclipse

Photos taken from the MMT Observatory of the May 20th annular eclipse, looking toward Kitt Peak National Observatory. Click on the image to view in a larger format. 

Network Upgrades at the MMTO

Over the past year, the MMTO mountain facilities and campus offices have undergone network upgrades.  Completed upgrades include: CAT 6 cabling; installation of CISCO gigabit network switches and CISCO wireless routers for mountain operations; upgrade of microwave link between the campus office and the summit; installation of fiber connections between the network switch within the MMTO drive room and 2nd and 3rd floors; VOIP phones at the MMT/summit; and segregating Univ. of Arizona, Smithsonian Institution, and MMTO network traffic. For more details, click on the title above.

New Bridge Crane Installed

A new 3-ton bridge crane with wireless controls was installed in the telescope chamber at the MMTO in April. The previous bridge crane, also 3-tons, had been at the MMTO since 1978. Installation of the new crane was a tedious process, requiring the entire bridge to be taken out with the old crane attached, swapping out the old and new cranes in the parking lot and then re-installing the whole new bridge crane unit.

Status of Primary Mirror Re-Aluminization

We will re-aluminize the primary mirror during summer shutdown 2013.  While we had planned to do it this summer, we feel our success will be optimized by waiting another year while we continue with our preparations, meetings, and discussions among staff and with other colleagues.  Due to this, we'll have a normal  shutdown period this summer, beginning on July 24 and resuming operations on August 21.


Economic Impact of Astronomy to Arizona

In 2007, the Arizona Arts, Science and Technology Academy (AASTA) analyzed the economic importance of astronomy, space sciences and planetary sciences research to Arizona.  The study was published in January 2008.  To read more, click here

Pan-STARRS1 First High Redshift Quasar Discovery Aided by MMT Observations

The first high redshift quasar to be discovered by Pan-STARRS1 and confirmed photometrically and spectroscopically, in part, with the MMT's SWIRC and Red Channel spectrograph instruments has been recently published.  To read the full paper, click here.

Proposal Deadlines for 2012B

Mechanical Engineer position - Closed 2/17/12

The MMTO has an opening for a Mechanical Engineer.  Details and an online application can be found by searching for Job #49280 here.

Opening for Telescope Operations Specialist, Senior - CLOSED 1/31/12

The MMTO has an opening for a Telescope Operations Specialist, Senior.  Details and an online application form can be found by searching for Job #49170 here.

Exciting Binary Discovered with the MMT

Warren Brown, an astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts made the exciting discovery, while observing at the MMT, of two white dwarfs circling each other every 12 minutes.  Follow the link for many more details.