Welcome to the 6.5-m MMT Observatory. We hope that your observing will be scientifically productive.

Please be advised that the telescope operator is nominally on duty from one hour before sunset to sunrise. If specifically requested, they will be available to assist with flatfielding, darks, etc. from 4 pm extending through 7 am weekdays (3 pm through 7 am weekends). If assistance is required outside this window, arrangements must be made in advance with Ricardo Ortiz at 520-879-4556 (rortiz@mmto).

Because of the drought, the potential for fire on Mt. Hopkins is extremely high. The Observatory requests that during your stay on Mt. Hopkins please conserve water, take extra care when using grills, and dispose of cigarettes and matches in designated containers only. Your cooperation is much appreciated.

Please communicate your problems, suggestions and successes to the MMTO Director, G. Grant Williams, at gwilliams@mmto.

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Please contact Susan Wahl (swahl@mmto, 520-621-1558) with any comments or problems with these forms.