"A Diffraction Limited Spatially Resolved Spectrum of IRC+10216 with MMTAO and BLINC-MIRAC4", Download Poster
J. R. Males, L. M. Close, A. J. Skemer, P. M. Hinz, W. F. Hoffmann, M. Marengo

"The MMT/Megacam EGS Area (MMEGA) Survey", Download Poster
M. L. N. Ashby, J.-S. Huang, C. Papovich, B. Mcleod

"Observations Of The LCROSS Impact From The MMT Observatory", Download Poster
M. Hastie

"Probing Extragalactic Star-forming Regions with Hectochelle", Download Poster
Z. Wang

"Adaptive Optics with ARIES in the Kepler Field", Download Poster
A. Dupree, C. Kulesa, D. McCarthy