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  1. MMT in the News

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    Physics Today featured an article on LBTI but mentions how nulling was first developed at the MMT in the late 90s. You can read the article here.

  2. Binospec in Nature Astronomy – See the photo!

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    Binospec data was recently published in Nature Astronomy. Read the paper here.

    The evolutionary path of a low-mass disky galaxy in a cluster (counterclockwise) on an orbit with a substantial tangential component: (a) a star-forming low-mass spiral enters the cluster; (b) once it travels towards the central region of the cluster, ram pressure ignites star formation and causes stripping of the gas from the disc: a galaxy enters the jellyfish stage with a gas-rich tail of striped material and star formation happening within the tail; (c) the gas is completely expelled and/or consumed into stars both in the disc and in the tail, star formation is quenched, the disc expands, a galaxy becomes “post-jellyfish” like all the objects we found in the Coma cluster; (d) a few Gyr later as a result of passive evolution, a galaxy turns into a dwarf elliptical or an ultra-diffuse galaxy depending on the progenitor’s mass and gas content.

  3. COVID Information

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    In light of recent public health and safety concerns, all classical observing will be done remotely. For additional information or training, please contact Susan Wahl. Whipple Observatory’s visitor and science center, as well as tours, are closed to the public until further notice.

  4. Dr. Jacques Beckers obituary

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    Dr. Jacques Beckers, 87, passed away on February 26, 2021 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Jacques was the first Director of the new Multiple Mirror Telescope after it was dedicated in 1979 and served in that role until 1984. His obituary is available here.