After Your Run

Accessing Your Data

For Blue Channel observers, we expect you to transfer all your data to a personal device (either to a storage key, a laptop or to a remote machine) before you leave the control room or log out of your remote session at the end of your last night. If for some reason you fail to do this or your data get corrupted, please contact Duane Gibson. However, we cannot guarantee that your data will be backed up. Binospec and MMIRS queue-scheduled observers should see raw data appear in the Scheduler Database each morning after your targets have been observed. Reduced data products may take 2-3 additional days to appear. Please contact SAO Telescope Data Center if you have any questions.

Confidential Observer Report

If you are classically scheduled, after your run you will receive an email request to complete a brief on-line Confidential Observer Report. Although not required, we appreciate your feedback on four items (telescope, instrument, staff, facilities) and any other areas on which you might wish to comment. Your feedback is important in helping us evaluate the performance of the Observatory and telescope.

Publishing Your Results

If you have results you would like us to advertise on our front page and social media accounts, please contact a staff scientist. All publications resulting from data collected at the MMTO should carry one of the following credit lines in the Acknowledgements section of the paper: