Astronomers Log

This system is intended for use at the telescope while observing. The hope is that being able to report problems at the telescope as they occur will facilitate detailed and accurate communication.

If you have any problems or find deficiencies in this system, please let us know by sending an email to our support staff.

When the log is first started for the night you will be presented with a form asking you to enter your name, the program number, and the instrument you are working with. On rare occasions (such as when you are the second observer on a split night) this information will already have been entered, and you should use one of the “Edit header info” links to replace the previous observer’s name with your own.

After the header information has been entered, a split screen will appear. The top half of the screen is an entry form where you can enter comments. The bottom half is a running list of all comments made for the night.

It is possible for more than one person to be using the log at the same time. After one submits a comment, the other(s) will need to click the “Reload Log” button to be able to see it.

At the end of the night, you have the opportunity to send a confidential email to the observatory director. Do this by clicking on the link labelled “Finish, close log for the night”. Type your comments in the form provided and click the “Submit Comments” button to send them.

If you are prompted for a username/password, please use the “mmtobs” account.

Astronomers Log