A Brief Description:

MMTCam (Available): an optical imager that can be mounted with the f/5 secondary. It is a high-end commercial Apogee camera equipped with a SDSS filter set from Omega Optical.

The Fundamental Capabilities:
Filters SDSS u, g, r, i, and [S II]*
FOV 2.7 x 2.7 arcminutes
Pixel scale 0.08 “/pixel

* The previous z-band filter was replaced with a broad [SII] filter from Custom Scientific.

Further Information:

MMTCam is an instrument for the MMT commissioned by Warren Brown in November 2012. The f/5 wavefront sensor system serves as the platform on which the imager is installed. The associated filters have central wavelengths of 355nm, 469nm, 616nm, 748nm, and 893nm. Binning can be set to 2 x 2 if faster read-out is desired. Because the f/5 secondary is mounted on the MMT for approximately 30% of available telescope time, the MMTCam enables a rapid-response imaging capability for the MMT for use on targets of opportunity, transients and monitoring of objects such as supernovae for longer term projects, without requiring an instrument change. We highly recommend requesting only dark or grey time with this instrument. More information, including the camera manual, can be found at the SAO website.

Please note that the z-band filter was replaced with a broad [S II] filter in approx. 2014. The Hecto positioner robots have LEDs that emit in z-band, making the MMTCam z-band background too high. Mentions of z-band in the original MMTCam documentation should be disregarded.