A Brief Description:

PISCES (Available): a JHK wide-field imager that can be mounted either behind the f/9 beam or the adaptive f/15 system (both LGS and NGS). Its operating wavelength range is 1 – 2.5µm and the FOV & pixel scales depend on the telescope beam. It is a PI instrument, contact is Don McCarthy. For instructions on how to propose to use PISCES please see here.

The Fundamental Capabilities:
f/9 f/15 NGS f/15 LGS
Wavelength range 1 – 2.5um 1 – 2.5um 1 – 2.5um
FOV 3.16 arcminutes 26.4 arcseconds 1.9 arcminutes
Pixel scale 0.185 “/pixel 0.026 “/pixel 0.11 “/pix
Further Information:

PISCES is a JHK wide field imager that was initially designed and built as a test bed for a Hawaii-I detector and used in conjunction with the f/9 secondary and was later used with the adaptive f/15. PISCES can reimage the focal plane from any telescope with an f-ratio #9 onto the 1024 x 1024 Hawaii CCD. It uses accurate pupil reimaging and cold baffling to block the thermally emissive structures associated with operating at the Cassegrain focus. The optical design was driven by the desire to optimize the spot sizes for the K band but also seeing-limited performance in the J and H bands.