CLIO (Unavailable) : a 3 – 5µm thermal infrared camera with a direct-vision prism. MKO L’ and M filters and an ice band (3.1µm) filter are available with a 15”x30” FOV with 0.030” pixels at f/20.

The Fundamental Capabilities:
Detector 512 x 1024, 18.5 micron pixels
Filters MKO M’, Barr M’, 3.1um, Barr L’, 3 – 5um
Prism R = 8 – 157 (non-linear)
Further Information:

Clio is a 3-5 micron imager and coronagraph built to exploit the unique sensitivity and resolution of the MMT deformable secondary AO system. A particular area of focus for the instrument is to provide sensitive detection of giant planets at 3.8 and 4.8 microns. In the spring of 2010, the original 320×256 Indigo Systems InSb detector was replaced by a 512×1024 HAWAII HgCdTe detector. This upgrade allowed for more sensitive low background observations, while modestly reducing the allowable field size at M band.

Clio was used extensively as part of the MagAO system on Magellan Clay at LCO in Chile. This system is being decommissioned. There’s a possibility that Clio may return to Arizona. Contact Jared Males or Katie Morzinski for more information.