Emergency Contact

Important Notes
  1. If using a phone in ANY of the facilities on Mt. Hopkins, you MUST DIAL 9 FIRST.
  2. When calling from a 879- number at the MMT, the caller ID will show up as ‘Steward Observatory’. You MUST EMPHASIZE THAT THE EMERGENCY IS AT THE WHIPPLE OBSERVATORY COMPLEX OR ON TOP OF MOUNT HOPKINS so the call can be transferred to the Santa Cruz County emergency coordinator.
  3. In the case of serious injury that requires Life Flight Evacuation, there are TWO helipads. There is one near the Ridge support building (7750 ft elev) and one at the parking lot of the basecamp.
Critical Phone Numbers
Service Phone # Notes
Pima County Dispatch 9-911
Tubac Volunteer Fire Dept. 9-911
DPS Helicopter Airlift 9-911
Santa Cruz County Sheriff Dispatch 9-398-2571 Admin Non-emergency number
Green Valley Fire Dept. 9-629-9200
Arizona Dept. of Public Safety 9-1-800-352-4557 Highway Patrol
Border Patrol 9-1-520-761-2567
Poison Center 9-1-800-362-0101 or 9-626-6016
Forest Service Tucson Dispatcher 9-202-2710 or 9-1-800-549-0661 Forest fire on Mountain
Nogales Ranger District Office 9-1-520-281-2296