A Brief Description:
BINOSPEC (Available): Commissioning took place at the MMT in fall 2017 and Binospec is now available. Binospec is a wide field optical spectrograph capable of MOS, single-slit, and imaging with the MMT’s f/5. The PI contact is Dan Fabricant.
The Fundamental Capabilities:

Information for Binospec observers and instrument characteristics are described at Binospec detailed information for users (hosted at MMTO) or Binospec preliminary information.

Further Information:

Binospec will exploit the wide field of view of the MMT with the f/5 secondary mirror by using dual identical but independent channels splitting the focal plane into two 8′ x 15′ FOV. Each channel has up to 4 gratings, 6 filters and a 4K E2V CCD (0.24″ pixel sampling). The commissioning filters will offer broadband Sloan g, r, i, z

For further information please see BINOSPEC webpages or contact Dan Fabricant.