A Brief Description:

MAESTRO (Undergoing technical review): a Cassegrain mounted, single slit, high-resolution echelle spectrograph operating in the R range of 28,000 – 93,000 and captures the full wavelength range of 3185 – 9850Å in a single exposure. Please contact Grant Williams, MMT Director, if you wish to propose for this instrument.

The Fundamental Capabilities:
Parameter Value
Pixel scale 0.154″/pix
Slit widths selection ranging 0.3″ – 2″ (various lengths)
Resolving power (0.7″ slit) 28,000 (7.5 km/s)
Resolving power (0.3″ slit) 93,000 (3.2 km/s)
Further Information:

MAESTRO (The MMT Advanced Echelle Spectrograph) is a Cassegrain mounted, optical, slit single, high-resolution echelle spectrograph which uses the MMT f/5 secondary, spectroscopic corrector, wavefront sensor and ADC. MAESTRO has a 4096 x 4096 CCD with 15μm pixels that has been optimized for the UV by the UA Imaging Technology Lab (ITL).

The design of MAESTRO was driven by the desire to do multi-order spectroscopy of a single object with a wide wavelength coverage extending to the atmospheric cut-off in the UV. It is optimized for multi-order, simultaneous wavelength coverage, with R = 28,000, or 7.5 km/s when used with a 0.7″ slit. The best possible spectral resolution, using a 0.3″ slit, is Nyquist sampled with spectral resolution of R=93,000 or 3.2 km/s. The single exposure wavelength coverage is 3150 to 9850Å with small gaps redward of about 8000Å.

For further details please see the MAESTRO homepage.