MMIRS (Available): an IR multi-object spectrograph and imager with a single Hawaii-II 2K science detector giving a spectral range of 0.9 – 2.4µm. The FOV in imaging mode is 7′ x 7′ and in MOS mode is 4′ x 7′. The available gratings give a resolving power of 1200 – 3000 with a 0.4″ slit with JH & HK blocking filters and YJHK filters are available for imaging.
Further Information:

MMIRS has returned from Magellan and now resides permanently at the MMT.  MMIRS observing is run in queue mode. Astronomers do not need to be present at the MMT for their observations. If you have questions about queue observing, please contact Joannah Hinz.

See this paper for more information on the instrument upgrades and the publicly available IDL data reduction pipeline.

Getting Your Data:

Raw and reduced data can be obtained by clicking the personalized link for your program or by emailing the SAO Telescope Data Center helpdesk.