Chun Ly

Queue Observer Dr. Chun Ly is a Queue Observer for the MMT Observatory and an observational research astronomer at the Steward Observatory. He earned his Bachelor’s degrees in Astronomy and Physics from the University of Arizona, and received his Master’s and Ph.D. from the University of California−Los Angeles. After completing his Ph.D., Dr. Ly held a Giacconi Postdoctoral Fellowship position at the Space Telescope Science Institute (Baltimore, MD) and a NASA Postdoctoral Fellowship at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Greenbelt, MD). Dr. Ly’s research interests include understanding the baryonic physical processes that drive galaxy evolution and formation, characterizing the properties of dwarf galaxies, and developing new diagnostics for determining gas-phase chemical abundances in high redshift galaxies. Dr. Ly maintains active astrophysical research with University of Arizona undergraduate students. More information about his research can be found here: Professional Website of Chun Ly.