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  • New Discovery

    Researchers at ASU recently announced the discovery of a wide brown dwarf companion to the nearby star zeta Delphini using data taken at the MMT with the ARIES instrument. The star and its brown dwarf, which are about 67 parsecs away, were observed as part of a larger survey of nearby stars called VAST (Volume-limited A-Star survey). The brown dwarf is located quite far away from its host star - about 900 times the distance between the Earth and the Sun - and is among the most widely separated companions known to date. Read the full article here.

  • Light Pollution: A Continuing Problem

    Implementation of well-planned lighting codes can help Arizona's astronomy industry, as well as keep residents safe. Read more about the effects of light pollution.

  • Historical Photo of the MMTO

    In 1981, a photograph was taken of the sun rising behind the original MMTO from a small telescope located on Kitt Peak, nearly 47 miles away. Read the interesting background regarding the photo, which now hangs in the newly furnished and upgraded MMTO control room.