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  • Successful Shutter Seal Replacement

    In preparation for the shutter seal replacement, the Blue Channel instrument and the f/9 secondary mirror were removed on June 18th and the telescope was parked horizon pointing and covered with a tarp. Kappcon, Inc. then began the process of replacing the EPDM material used to seal the two MMTO shutter halves when closed. The horizontal seal section was replaced using a custom access platform borrowed from the LBT Observatory (as seen in the image here). The vertical seal section was replaced using a rented boom lift. This work was completed on June 26th, and after completing other maintenance tasks, the telescope was returned to normal nighttime operation on June 30th.

  • Tours Closed for Summer Season

    Due to scheduled maintenance to the Mt. Hopkins Road and at the MMTO, the tour season is closed down for the summer. Tours will resume toward the end of August or in early September, depending on the weather. Come visit us in the fall!

  • MMT Observing Schedule - August-December

    The observing schedule for August-December can be found here.