All Over!

Leave a Comment LCROSS successfully impacted the moon at 4.31am (MST)!! NASA will be having a news conference at 7.00am (PDT) on NASA TV. We collected data with multiple instruments throughout the impact and for an hour after it. We now have a multitude of data which needs careful reduction over the coming weeks until we will have the opportunity to make any statements on what we saw. We could not have asked for a better night – the weather was near perfect, the telescope worked beautifully tracking on the moon and all the instruments behaved impeccably. Many thanks to everyone who was involved in bringing tonight together, to everyone who was onsite at the telescope to make it such a successful nights observing, to NASA for extremely clear communication through the night and to everyone who has been following us on the blog & the webcams. Now its time for one last sip of champagne then off to bed before the sun truly rises!