Instrument Status 2010B

Leave a Comment A short summary of the status of each MMT instrument is given below. If you would like any further information regarding any of the instrumentation please contact Morag Hastie (mhastie@mmto).
  • RED CHANNEL: Available. New detector. Contact Grant Williams @MMTO for support.
  • BLUE CHANNEL: Available. Contact Grant Williams @MMTO for support.
  • MMIRS: Unavailable. At Magellan
  • Hectos: Available. Contact Dan Fabricant @CfA for Hectospec and Andy Szentgyorgyi @CfA for Hectochelle.
  • Megacam: Unavailable. At Magellan
  • SWIRC: Available. Contact Warren Brown @CfA
  • ARIES: Available. Contact Don McCarthy @SO
  • CLIO: Available. Recently added ice band (3.1 um) filter and R = 100 prism mode. Contact Phil Hinz @SO
  • PISCES: Available. Contact Don McCarthy @SO
  • MIRAC-BLINC: Available. R = 100 grism mode recently commissioned. Contact Phil Hinz @SO
  • MAESTRO: Available. Shared Risk – contact J. Bechtold @SO
  • SPOL: Available. Please contact Paul Smith @SO