Remote Observing at the MMTO

Leave a Comment Remote observing is available at the MMT for those observers experienced with the Blue and Red Channel Spectrographs. Eleven astronomers have utilized this capability since September 2012 from a variety of locations across the country. To read more, click on the title. For remote observing from the University of Arizona campus, the MMTO will soon be offering a computer located at Steward Observatory in Room 367A.  Currently, observers can use their own computers to observe. Though remote observing has been available at the MMTO in some form since the late 1990s, this updated version allows for quick access to the control room via Skype, offers online webcams for monitoring telescope displays, guider and acquisition camera views and real-time weather, and enables direct control of the Blue and Red Channel Spectrograph interfaces.  In addition to saving our observers valuable resources in the form of travel time and expenses, there has also been recent discussion on the impact of remote observing on diversity in the field. For more information about remote observing capabilities, please see our Remote Observing webpage or contact Joannah Hinz.