Watching LCROSS impact!

Leave a Comment Want to see professional astronomers at work? We are taking the unique time of the LCROSS experiment to give you all a direct view into the world of a professional observatory for one night only! We will be streaming images throughout the night which you can view at: Not only are we streaming images from inside the telescope chamber and control room from webcams we will be streaming images direct from two science camera that are trained on the moon throughout the night from which you may be able to see the actual impact. This has been a big project for us and many other ground based telescopes around the world as well as the extensive NASA team that are running the actual project. It has been an exercise in communication and organization bringing all the parties together. Tonight (Weds) we are all hoping to some final checks and preparation – however here at the MMT we are stuck under heavy fog. The weather forecast for tomorrow is slightly better than tonight but we are still a little worried the weather is not going co-operate. We have all our fingers crossed for it to clear in time for us to capture the impact.