Leave a Comment Dear MMTO staff and user communities … Welcome to the new MMTO blog – an informal place the MMT staff will use to get information out to you, the astronomers, scientists and engineers who have a vested interest in the MMT. The blog will not be updated on a regular basis but posts will made when we have something new to convey. We hope to include exciting achievements, things that have gone wrong and that we have worked to fix or that we are working to fix, insight into the daily life of the observatory and many other things. There are comment spaces below each post – please use these to “talk back” to us with comments, questions, requests etc. We want this blog to be a place to open up dialogue between us so anything you would like to see a post on please let us know. We want to keep this an informal space so posts may be short, if you an interested in knowing more about a subject leave a comment and we’ll get back to you. Happy Reading!